Depth of Market

A few enhancements have been made to the Depth of market (DOM).

Bid/Ask Scaling

Three additional options have been added for scaling the histogram for the bid/ask columns:

Fixed Max Size – Sets the maximum size for the bid/ask columns to a fixed value.

Max Scale Size – Sets an upper limit on the max bid/ask sizes. Use this to lessen the effects of unusually large bid/ask values.

Scale Visible Rows Only – If enabled the scaling will be based on the max values for the visible rows only (instead of all DOM rows).

Bid/Ask Column

Added an additional column that combines the bid/ask sizes into a single column.

Orders Column

Added the following enhancements to the DOM Order Column:

Auto Hide Cancel – The cancel button is only shown when the cursor hovers above the order.

Context Menu – The context menu (right click) shows pre-set quantities for quickly modifying the order quantity.

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