Add a Connection to a Workspace

The Professional and Ultimate Editions of MotiveWave® allow you to maintain connections to multiple brokers and/or data services within the same workspace. Start by editing the workspace. You can do this by clicking on Configure > Workspaces from the top menu bar of the Console window (see below). Alternatively, you can edit a workspace from the Manage Workspaces dialog. On startup, click on Options then on Workspaces (not shown).

The Manage Workspaces dialog will appear (see below). From this dialog, click on the Modify button.

You will see the Add Connection button below. From this dialog you can select a broker or data service (from the Service drop down) to add to the workspace. Please Note: available services will depend on the operating system you are using (Windows or macOS). For a full list of supported brokers and data services.

After clicking the Add Connection button in the dialog above you will see the Edit Workspace dialog below. From here you can add additional connections or click on Update Workspace to complete this task.

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