Upgrade from a Lease to a Purchased License

MotiveWave will put up to a maximum of 6 months worth of lease payments (6 Monthly Lease payments, or two cycles of the 90-Day Auto-Renewing Lease, or one 6 Month Lease payment) towards an upgrade to the Purchased License of the edition you are leasing, or towards a higher edition Purchased License. You would only need to pay the remaining difference between the regular-priced Purchased License and your lease payments.

If you purchased your lease during a sale, that sale discount is not locked in for an upgrade to the Purchased License.

If there happens to be a sale on at the time you want to upgrade to the Purchased License, Sales can give you that current sale discount on the remaining difference.

The upgrade from the lease to the Purchased License must be created manually by Sales before you’ll be able to upgrade.

Please contact sales@motivewave.com to find out what your exact upgrade cost will be. They can then create the upgrade for you, as well as cancel the auto-renewing subscription on your lease (if you are on the Monthly or 90-Day Auto Renewing lease).

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