Execute Trades on Another Account
You may have more than one broker connection in your workspace, one for data and trade execution (Broker 1 for data and Broker 2 for execution). With a chart up from Broker 1 you can use the account selector on the Trade Panel or DOM to switch to Broker 2 for trade executions. MotiveWave will attempt to map the symbols between the connections but it might fail. In this instance we can add a manual instrument map between the two.
  • Right-click the Broker 1 chart and select Edit Instrument.
  • On the Connections tab select the Add button.
  • Add the instrument details from Broker 2.
  • If you're mapping to an IB account you will need to set the exchanges to "GLOBEX" for ES/NQ.
There will now be a manual symbol map between the two connections and you should be able to place a test limit order outside the market to see if it was successful.
Last modified 2mo ago
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