Use a Display Mask

MotiveWave® will allow you to adjust the number of digits in displayed in the price on an individual instrument. The price displayed in both the price axis of the instrument’s chart and price related fields will reflect the change.

For example, if your data feed is returning a price for the USD/CAD of 1.30692 and you wanted to only have four decimal places displayed i.e. 1.3069, then you can use the Display Mask feature found in the Edit Instruments > Advanced dialog.

To format the mask, simply use the # symbol to represent every digit to be displayed. You would also have to specify the placement of the decimal within the mask.

For the USD/CAD example mentioned above, it would be as follows, 1.30692 becomes 1.3069 using the mask #.####

Right click on the chart and then select Edit Instrument.

Select the Advanced tab from the Edit Instrument dialog and enter your display mask.

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