Broker and Data Feed Connections

Managing Workspaces

How to Create and Manage Workspaces (Broker and Data Feed Connections) in the MotiveWave trading platform.
MotiveWave connects to 38+ brokers and data feeds, as well as any broker who can connect via CQG, Rithmic, or Gain Capital (see Brokers and Data Feed pages for the full list of supported brokers and data service providers).
You can also import data into MotiveWave using CSV, ASCII, or Metastock database formats.

Connect to Interactive Brokers

Creating the broker connection to TWS and Interactive Brokers (IB) in the MotiveWave trading platform.

Importing Data

How to import data in CSV, ASCII or Metastock Database formats into the MotiveWave trading platform, including how to set up an automatic import of an updated data file.

Exporting Data

How to export data out of the MotiveWave trading platform.


How to set up a Commissions structure for an asset class (example Stocks) or an individual symbol in the MotiveWave trading platform. Commissions can be set up to be calculated by MotiveWave using the simulated account, in Replay Mode or as part of Strategy Backtesting.
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