Where Are the Chart Tools

If you have the Ultimate or Professional Editions, the majority of your chart tools are available in the Components Panel. If you do not see the Components Panel down the left side of your Console window, you can turn it on by going to View > Components. You can drag and drop any component in the Components Panel onto a chart, or you can right-click and select the chart you want to add the component to, or you can simply double-click the component and it will be added to the chart. The Tools icon in the top toolbar changes depending on what tool you are currently using. The default icon you will see is the Drag icon, which looks like a hand. The Chart Tools available in the Tools drop down menu will change depending on what Edition and modules you have. When you select a chart tool from the Tools drop down menu, your cursor will change to show that tool. You can switch between the tools by going back to the Tools drop down menu and selecting a different tool, or by using the keyboard hot keys that are shown to the right of the tools in the Tools drop down menu.

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