Linux Installation

MotiveWave’s Linux version comes in a Debian (.deb) installation file. If you’re running a Debian based distro (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, etc) you should be able to run the .deb file to install MotiveWave.

If you’re running another distro you may still be able to run MotiveWave by extracting the .deb and moving the files and data folders to the correct directories. The directions below will install MotiveWave on Manjaro (Arch Linux).

  1. Download MotiveWave .deb file to your Downloads folder

  2. Extract the .deb file ar x motivewave_6.1.6_amd64.deb (file name will be different)

  3. Extract the control.tar.xz and data.tar.xz tar xf control.tar.xz tar xf data.tar.xz

  4. Move /Downloads/usr/share/applications/motivewave.desktop to /usr/share/applications/ sudo mv motivewave.desktop /usr/share/applications/

  5. Move /Downloads/usr/share/motivewave/ folder to /usr/share/ sudo mv ./motivewave/ /usr/share/

  6. Run /Downloads/postinst script sudo ./postinst

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