Volume Imprint or TPO Overlap
When you first add the Volume Imprint or TPO study to a chart, the profiles might overlap each other as shown in the image below:
Volume Imprint Overlap
To fix this issue you can click and drag on the time axis to increase the bar width as shown in the image below.
Increased Bar Width
The chart is still using Auto Scale, so if there is a very large range the profiles will compress and you will no longer be able to read the numbers in the profile as shown below.
Auto Scale Chart
This is not ideal, so in order to resolve this issue we can go into the chart settings and change the scaling method from Auto Scale to Price Range and then set the range in ticks. The chart below has a set price range scale of 60 ticks.
Price Range Scaling
For more information you can watch the Maximizing MotiveWave's Order Flow Tools webinar: https://support.motivewave.com/videos/maximizing-order-flow-tools/
Last modified 3mo ago
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