CQG Symbology

MotiveWave uses your connection's native symbology. CQG has slightly different symbology compared to other futures connections. CQG has a search to help find the correct symbol: https://www.cqg.com/partners/exchanges/tradable-symbols

CQG uses a single letter month code and a two digit year (e.g EPZ21)

Common futures symbols for CQG: E-Mini S&P 500: EP E-Mini Nasdaq 100: ENQ E-Mini Dow 30: YM E-mini Russell 2000: RTY Micro E-Mini S&P 500: MES Micro E-Mini Nasdaq 100: MNQ Micro E-Mini Dow 30: MYM Micro E-mini Russell 2000: M2K Crude Oil: CLE Natural Gas: NGE Gold: GCE Silver: SIE U.S. 30 Year Bond: USA U.S. 10 Year Note: TYA U.S. 5 Year Note: FVA

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