Charts Stopped Streaming Data

This could be caused by a number of things. Here are a few steps for troubleshooting this issue:

  1. Disconnection from your broker or data feed. Check the WiFi icon in the bottom left corner of MotiveWave. Yellow/Amber indicates disconnection. MotiveWave will attempt to reconnect a few times on most supported connections before giving up.

  2. Symbol conflict. If the user has duplicate symbols on the same data connection (ESU1 and ESU21), this can cause a conflict and MotiveWave may stop sending data to one or both of the symbols. Create a workspace backup before proceeding (File > Backup). Go to Configure > Instruments, search for the particular underlying symbol (ES) and delete the duplicate symbols (please note that deleting any instrument in the Configure > Preferences menu will remove any open charts with this symbol and will delete all analysis and chart data associated with it). Use the magnifying glass search icon to bring this instrument back into the workspace.

  3. CQG stopped supporting single digit year symbols. They have replaced them with two digit year symbols (e.g. ENQZ1 and MNQZ1 were replaced with ENQZ21 and MNQZ21). Click on the Configure > Instruments menu and delete all of the single year digit specific symbols.

  4. Interactive Brokers by default will only allow 100 active tickers in a workspace. You can check the number you are currently using by going to Configure > Active Tickers. If you exceed your limit, data will be delivered randomly to different instruments, some of which may stop streaming data. You can contact IB about purchasing Quote Booster Packs to increase the number of active tickers allowed in your account.

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