Limited Tick Data on Charts

By default MotiveWave will limit tick charts to 10 days of data. If you require more and it is available from your connection then this number can be increased. This can be done via the Configure > Preferences > Chart > Chart Settings menu under the Max Days (Tick Charts) setting.

Here are other settings related to minimum and maximum settings for loaded data.

  • Max Linear Bars – Maximum number of linear bars loaded in a chart.

  • Max Non Linear Bars – Maximum number of non-linear bars (e.g. Range, Renko, etc) loaded in a chart.

  • Minimum Bars – Minimum number of bars to load when opening a chart. MotiveWave will load this many bars when opening this chart. By default MotiveWave only loads a minimum amount of chart data and will load more if requested (scroll the chart back in time).

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