Third Party Webinars

Discover the Best Indicator For You With Daniel Sinnig

Webinar Event Topic: Discover the Best Indicator for You
  • Choosing the right indicator based on your trading style
  • 4 simple questions to find out what kind of trader you are
  • How our innovative indicators can support you in today’s market
  • Ways to optimize your indicator parameters
  • Live chart analysis and performance testing
About the presenter: – Daniel Sinnig from Trading Indicators – Trader – Professional Software Engineer

Framing Your Trading Chart with Paul Bratby

Webinar Event Topic: Framing Your Trading Chart
Learn how to frame your trading chart using:
  • Linear Support & Resistance Zones
  • Channels
  • Non-Linear Support & Resistance Zones
About the presenter: – Paul Bratby – 17 years experience – Retired Money Manager