Other Enhancements

Elliott Wave Preferences

The following options have been added the Elliott Waves. See Preferences dialog “Elliott Wave” tab and the Component Properties dialog (double click on the wave):

Show Origin – If unchecked, the origin point will not be shown (even if it is the top-level wave).

No Future Points – If checked, none of the future points will be displayed. This is in contrast to the Show Future Points being unchecked where only the first future point is displayed.

Commentary Components

The text for comments can now be modified in the component properties dialogs (right click and choose “Properties” from the comment). Additionally, changing this text as part of a custom component/tool will change the default text when the component is created.

Labelled Line

This new component draws a horizontal line with a customizable label attached to it. This component can be found in the “General” stencil (see Components Panel).

Visibility Options

You can now add multiple visibility options to a component, study or wave/time ratio. An object is visible when one of the visibility conditions is met.

Alert Conditions

Multiple alert conditions are now allowed when creating/modifying an alert.

Indicator “Draw on Top”

Added an option to draw an indicator on top of the other indicators. This is on by default for Bid, Ask and Last price. This feature is also available for study indicators (see advanced properties).

TD Ameritrade Login

The login procedure has been changed to use a browser-based login. This was done to comply with TDA's new API login procedure.

Java 13

MotiveWave version 6.0.2 was updated to the latest Java VM. This will require a full install on Windows (ie: download the latest installer from our website and run it on your local machine). Download available from https://www.motivewave.com/download.htm

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