Other Enhancements

This section outlines some other small enhancements that have been added to this update.

Guide Templates

Templates have been added for price and time guides. See properties dialog when creating or editing a guide. Guides for a specific template can be added directly from the right click menu on the price or time axis.

Delete Expired Instruments

Expired instruments (futures contracts and options) can be removed from the workspace in the Manage Instruments Dialog (Configure -> Instruments in the Console menu bar). See: Delete Expired button at the bottom of the dialog.

Horizontal Line Tool

Added a mouse tool for creating a horizontal line. See tools drop down (hand cursor by default).

Line Graph Label

Added the symbol to the price graph when displayed as a line graph.

Lock/ Unlock Components

This action will toggle the locking of components on the active chart (instead of locking components individually). (See View -> Lock/Unlock Components from the menu bar)

Alert Colors

Colors may be assigned to alerts or signals generated from studies. The color may be useful for identifying the purpose or urgency of an alert when it is triggered.

Price/Study Value Alerts

A color may be assigned from the Advanced tab of the alert dialog:

This color is displayed as a background color for the alert on the price chart, Alerts panel and the Alert History window:

Study Signals

Colors for signals generated by studies can be set from the Signals tab of the Study Dialog. The example below shows a blue color assigned when the Fast MA crosses above the Slow MA and a red color assigned when the Fast MA crosses below the Slow MA (using the Moving Average Cross study).

CryptoCompare API Key

The CryptoCompare connector has been updated to accept an API key. An API key is not currently required, but may be required in the near future. For details see: https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/faq

Auto Backup

The auto backup feature will automatically create a backup of your open workspace on a given interval. Choose Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar and click on General, then on Auto Backup (see below).

The max files option will limit the number of backup files in the saved folder. When the limit is reached, the oldest backup file is removed from the folder (deleted).

Log File Trimming

Every time MotiveWave™ is started a log file is created in the Log Folder (choose Help -> Log Files from the Console menu bar, or Options -> Log Files from the startup screen). Over time the number of log files in this folder can become quite large. As part of version 6, the number of files in this folder is trimmed to 20 (newest files are kept). You can change the number of log files that are kept (minimum of 5) in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, see General -> General tab).

Backfill Settings

Back Fill may be enabled (or disabled) per instrument in addition to globally. This option can be found in the Instrument Dialog (right click on a chart and choose Edit Instrument, see Advanced tab):

Reversal Bars

This new bar type has been added that has the following parameters:

  1. Reversal Amount – price movement in ticks from the high or low of the bar for the bar to complete. The bar is considered complete when the close has reversed from the high/low by an amount equal or greater than this amount. Reversal bars alternate between reversing from the high and low (ie if one bar reverses from the high, the next bar will reverse from the low)

  2. Minimum Amount – Minimum range for the bar (high – low) before the reversal amount is applied.

Intraday Bar Build Method

Depending on which broker/data service you are using, MotiveWave will receive and store historical bars in one or more of the following sizes (raw bar sizes): 1 min, 5 min, 30 min and 120 min.

All other bar sizes are built by combining data from the raw bars. By default, these bars are built on a weekly interval starting at 9:00 am on Sunday (EST).

This feature is now configurable in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, see Historical Data -> General tab). The following options are available:

  1. Method – Weekly or Daily. For weekly the bars will be built starting at the given time on Sunday

  2. Time Zone – Relative timezone for the start time

  3. Start Time – Time of day to start building the bars (using the time zone above).

Price Scaling Ticks From Edge

A new option has been added to the Price Range scaling option (see Chart Preferences Dialog Scaling tab, double click on the chart):

  • Ticks From Edge – Keeps the current price at least X ticks away from the top or bottom of the chart. This setting only applies when the current price is shown on the chart.

Tick Data Performance

Significant enhancements have been made to the loading and processing of tick data. In some cases, multiple concurrent requests for tick data are combined into a single fetch operation.

Non-Linear Bars

The approach to building non-linear bars (Tick, Renko, Range, Point & Figure, etc) has been re-written to be more consistent and efficient.

The maximum number of days of tick data (default 10 days) can be controlled from the Chart Settings dialog (see General Panel).

Two additional parameters have been added to the Bar Settings panel for Non-Linear bars:

  1. Restart Daily – Restarts the calculation of the bars each day.

  2. Use Historical Bars – Builds bars using historical minute bars (instead of tick data).

These settings are specific to the chart as opposed to the global settings in the general preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar Historical Data -> Tick Charts).

Note: this feature is only available in Professional Edition and above.

This feature is similar to the Watermark feature, but displays a copyright notice at a specific location on the chart. Day, month and year can optionally be inserted using the variables [DD], [MMM] and [YYYY]. This feature is in the General Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, click on Chart, then on Copyright).

The copyright message can be moved or hidden on specific chart via the right click menu: Move Copyright -> Location.

The screen shot below shows the copyright statement on a chart (top right corner):

The copyright display can also be selectively disabled for a chart from the Chart Settings dialog (right click on chart an choose Chart Settings, see Display tab). Check the Disable Copyright box and press the OK button.

Trend Line Type

A Line Type option has been added to the Trend Line component (see Properties dialog). This option will allow you to set a trend line to be Horizontal or Vertical. The main purpose of this feature is to enable the creation of a custom horizontal or vertical line tool (see Custom Tools feature).

Profit Loss Mouse Tool

Mouse tools have been added for each of the Profit/Loss Calculator components. These tools can be added to the tool bar from the General Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar).

Chart Window Default Size

A default size can be applied to a chart window when they are created or popped out from the console.

Object Viewer

Components can be locked directly in the Object Viewer (View -> Object Viewer from the menu bar).


Added the number of results in the “Scan Complete” message.

Save As Image Types

An additional image type has been added to the Save As Image action: GIF. The last saved type will be used as the default for future Save As Image actions. You can save as .PNG or .GIF

Visibility Options

Added the following visibility options to the Visibility tab (see Component Properties Dialog):

  1. Visible On Current Bar Size Or Higher – Sets the visibility to be GTE current bar size

  2. Visible On Current Bar Size Or Lower – Sets the visibility to be LTE current bar size.

Display Bars

The display bars setting can now be set individually for the chart. See chart settings “General” tab.

Bar Theme Price Line

The ability to change the price line for a custom bar theme has been added (when displaying a line chart vs a bar chart).

Extended vs Regular Bar Scheme

A new bar scheme has been added to color the extended and regular trading hours bars differently.

Drag Beyond Available Data

The chart can now be dragged beyond the available data leaving blank space on the left side of the chart.

Alert Close Position

An option has been added to close an open position when an alert is triggered (see Trade tab of the Alert Dialog).

IQFeed Odd Lot Ticks

This option will enable “Odd Lot Ticks” to be visible in MotiveWave for IQFeed symbols (off by default). See General Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar) -> “General” tab.

Active Chart Tab Color

The color of the dock bar/tabs for active charts can be customized in the Preferences dialog (see “Theme” -> “Theme”, “Active Chart Tab Color).

Updated Window Themes

The dark and light themes have been updated to remove station borders and present a flatter look and feel.

StockWatch Connector

This data service connector has been removed in this update since they no longer support third party applications.

Java Update

Updated to the latest version of Java and JavaFX (12.0.2).

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