Time and Sales Panel

The following enhancements have been added to the Time and Sales panel:

  1. Millisecond Formatting – The time stamp for the tick now shows the milliseconds (ie HH:MM:SS.MMM).

  2. Aggregate Period (ms) – The period for aggregate can be customized (default 100 milliseconds). Trades are aggregated if they occur within the aggregation window, have the same price and them same Ask Tick value. These trades must occur in sequence (no non-matching trades between them).

  3. Highlight Big Sizes – Background highlighting can be applied to larger trade sides.

  4. Location – This option allows you to display the Time and Sales Panel on the left or right side of the chart. See T&S Panel -> Preferences.

  5. Text Color – The text color for the Time & Sales panel can now be configured.

The following screen shot shows the changes that have been made to Time & Sales Preferences dialog (click on the gear icon on the tool T&S toolbar).

In the screen shot below you can see the highlighting applied to rows that have sizes of 25 or higher.

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