Managing Analyses

Default Behavior

The default behavior for a chart is to show a new untitled analysis. This behavior can be modified from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, see “Chart” -> “Options”).

Two options are of interest here:

  1. Use Untitled Analyses – The default behavior is top create a new untitled analysis whenever a chart is opened. Unchecking this option will cause the “Primary Analysis” to be displayed when a new chart is opened.

  2. Hide Primary Name – If you are not using untitled analyses, you may want to hide the name of the “Primary Analysis” in the price graph. This was the default behavior before the introduction of untitled analyses in version 6.1

Creating a New Analysis

There are several shortcuts for creating a new analysis. By default two of these short cuts are available from the tool bar (see below). You can also choose File -> Chart -> New Analysis/New Untitled from the top menu bar.

The New Analysis dialog will appear (shown below). A titled analysis requires a name. This name must be unique for the instrument, but the name can (and often is) re-used between instruments. Optionally, you start with a copy of an existing analysis (see Based On drop down). Click the “Empty” check box to start with a blank chart.

The new analysis will be opened in a sub-tab within the chart:

Manage Analyses

The shortcut for the Manage Analyses dialog can be found on the tool bar (under the folder drop down) or in the top menu bar (File -> Chart -> Manage Analyses).

From the Manage Analyses dialog you can see all of the analyses that belong to an instrument. Use the buttons at the bottom of the dialog to open, rename or delete them.

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