Pages provide a convenient way to manage a virtually unlimited number of panels (charts, watch lists, gauges etc) in different layouts. The page bar at the bottom of the Console window is initially configured with several preset pages. Left click on a page tab to show the layout in the content section of the window. In the default layout you will see the following pages:

  1. Home – Contains a sample home layout with a chart section and two watch list sections on the bottom.

  2. Charts – Sample chart layout with six charts (2 rows, 3 columns)

  3. Account – Account related panels including Accounts, Orders, Positions and Trade History

  4. Scan – Sample layout for running a scanner and viewing the results in a chart

  5. Optimize – Simple layout with the Back Test/Optimize panel.

The screen shot below shows the page bar (at the bottom of the console window) and highlights some of the features.

Adding a Page

Click on the New Page Button (+ button to the right of the last page tab). This will show the New Page dialog:

The New Page dialog requires a name for the page (displayed in the tab) and a layout. Layouts are arranged in categories:

  1. Chart – Typical chart layouts. Some include watch lists and or account/order/position/trades panels.

  2. Account – Some account management layouts. Layouts include account, order, position, trades and watch lists panels.

  3. Scan – Layouts for performing scans (on Studies, Elliott Waves or Harmonic patterns).

  4. Optimize – Layouts for optimizing/back testing strategies

  5. Floating – Layout for floating stations.

An icon is displayed on the left side of the tab to indicate the category of the layout. The screen shot below shows the new page added to the page bar (and active).

Edit a Page

Click on the Edit Page button (right side of the page bar) to change the name and/or layout of the active page:

The screen shot below shows the changes made to the page.

Copy Page

In some cases, it may be convenient to copy an existing page instead of creating a new one. When a page is copied the existing layout is copied including all of the stations and panels.

Click on the Copy Page button on the right side of the page bar.

The screen shot below shows the copied page added to the page bar:

Re-order Pages

Page tabs can be re-ordered by clicking/dragging a tab to the desired location. As you drag the tab a vertical blue bar will appear that indicates where the tab will be placed.

Overflow Tabs

There is no limit to the number of page tabs you can have. If there is not enough space to display the tabs, an overflow button will appear with the number of unseen tabs in the label.

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