A station holds one or more panels stacked and accessible from tabs at the top of the station. The screen shot below outlines some of the elements in a typical station:

Station Tool Bar

The station will display a tool bar that is specific to the active panel (if one is defined for the panel). In the case below the watch list tool bar is displayed:

Pop Out Panels

A panel can be “popped out” into a separate application window by clicking the pop out button on right side of the tab bar. The original panel stays in the station and a copy of that panel is opened in a separate application window. Application windows can be managed from the Window menu in the top menu bar.

Reorder Tabs

The tabs in the station can be reordered by dragging them with the mouse (left click and hold while moving the mouse). A vertical blue bar highlights the location where the tab will be placed after releasing the mouse button.

After releasing the mouse button the tab is dropped at the given location. The tab is made the active tab in the station.

Creating New Panels

A new panel may be created by click on the + button to the right of the last tab in the station. Several different types of panels are available (depending on the edition of MotiveWave™).

The new panel tab will be added to the end of the list of tabs in the tab bar:

Active Stations

The color of the tab bar will change if it is the active station. There are two types of active stations:

  1. Active Chart – This station contains the active chart for the tool bar(s).

  2. Active Focus – This station has the current input focus.

Active Chart Station

The tab bar for the station that contains the active chart will have a light blue color (dark blue in the Dark Window theme). The highlight visually indicates which chart the tool bar is currently associated with. Contextual settings for these controls reflect the active chart (such as quick search symbol, bar size, auto scale etc). All of the actions (buttons, drop downs etc) in the tool bar will apply to the active chart.

Active Focus

In cases where the active station is not the active chart station the tab bar will have a subtle blue color to indicate that it has the input focus.

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