Untitled Analyses

By default MotiveWave will now open a new Untitled Analysis when a chart is opened.

For more details please see the Analyses guide:


Untitled Analyses

Version 6.1 of MotiveWave™ introduced the concept of untitled analyses. Untitled analyses are scoped to a chart (i.e. the contents of the chart are not shared between other charts of the same instrument). This is the behavior that you would typically see in other charting software. If your analysis is very simple or mostly based on studies, this is likely the desired behavior. These analyses are persisted with the chart when the workspace is shut down and re-opened, but unless explicitly saved the contents of the chart will be lost if the chart is closed.

Switching Chart Instrument

When a chart is displaying an untitled analysis, it will maintain a separate untitled analysis for every instrument that is displayed in that chart. Each of these analyses are persisted with the chart when the workspace is shutdown.

For example, open a chart for AAPL and add some drawings and/or studies to the chart. Change the instrument to GOOGL and add some drawings to that graph. If you switch back to AAPL the, drawings/studies that you added will still be there.

In the screen shot below, the instrument for the chart has been changed to GOOGL. Since this is the first time GOOGL has been displayed in the chart, a new untitled (blank) analysis will be created and displayed.

When the instrument for the chart is switched back to APPL, the retained untitled analysis for AAPL will be displayed:

Saving Untitled Analyses

An untitled analysis can be converted into a titled analysis by clicking on the “Save As” button and assigning it a name.

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