Elliott Wave Enhancements

Elliott Wave Markers

Elliott Wave markers are a simpler version of the Elliott Wave components and may be used to place an Elliott Wave label on the chart. This can be useful for showing an alternative wave count on the same chart as the primary count.

The labels use the same degree label formatting as the Elliott Wave components. These labels also use the same rules for hiding waves above or below a specified degree.

The degree of the label can be chosen from the right click (context) menu or from the Properties dialog (double click on the marker).

Mouse Tools

Mouse tools have been added for the Elliott Wave Markers.

Ratio Visibility

The visibility for individual price and time ratios can be set from the Ratio Properties dialog (double click on a ratio label). This will hide or show ratios depending on the selected bar size for the chart.

Left Adjust for Ratio Lines

The left side of ratio lines can now be adjusted using the mouse. Two yellow resize points are available on the left side of the ratio lines that can be dragged left or right.

Note: this feature also exists on other ratio components (such as retracements, extensions and expansions).

Wave B vs A for Triangles

The price wave ratio B vs A has been added for triangle patterns. The main purpose of this ratio is to monitor a developing triangle that may turn into an ABC correction.

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