Gauges are used to visually display statistics or study values in a panel in the console (or desktop). These gauges are similar to the Speed Gauges study (first introduced in 5.4.0) but are not displayed on a chart and allow built-in or custom study values.

The example below shows study/statistic-based gauges inside a Gauge Panel.

To open/create a Gauges panel, click on the + (plus) button next to an open tab in the Console (or in a desktop) and select Gauge Panel.

The following dialog will be displayed with your existing gauge panels. Click on the Create button to create a new Gauge Panel.

The value for a gauge is computed from a single instrument although you could use a custom instrument to combine multiple instruments.

Statistic Gauges

The following options are available for statistics:

  1. Ticks – Displays number of ticks that occurred over the given interval (in seconds). This is often used to gauge the speed of the market.

  2. Price – Current price.

  3. Volume – Traded volume over the given interval (in seconds).

  4. Bid Vol – Volume that occurred at the Bid Price.

  5. Ask Vol – Volume that occurred at the Ask Price.

  6. Delta Vol – Difference between Bid/Ask Volume (Ask Volume – Bid Volume).

  7. Delta Spread – Difference between the current Best Bid/Ask sizes (Best Bid Size – Best Ask Size).

  8. Delta DOM – Difference between the total Bid/Ask sizes (Total Bid Sizes – Total Ask Sizes) in the Depth of Market (DOM).

Study Value Gauges

Study Value Gauges display a value (and recent history) from a built-in or custom study. Select/configure a study and choose the value from the study that you would like to display. For live/real time updates select the Bar Updates option.

Display options are available for both Study Value and Statistic Gauges under the Display tab:

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