Watch List Flags & Filtering

An icon (or flag) can be displayed on the left-hand side of a Watch List (or Quote Sheet) to highlight important or notable instruments. To assign a flag to an instrument right click on it and choose Flag -> <Flag>. A set of common flags will appear in the menu.

When a flag is assigned, it will appear to the left of the instrument (see below).

  1. Circle

  2. Triangle

  3. Square

  4. Star

  5. Flag

  6. Check

  7. Octagon

Custom flags can be created by choosing More Flags from the flag menu (see above). In the Choose Flag dialog you can select the type and the color. All recently used flags will appear in the Recent section of the flag menu (for convenience).

Filtering may also be applied to a Watch List or Quote sheet by selecting the flag from the filter button in the tool bar. Choose Clear Filter to show all instruments.

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