This document explains how to use the MotiveWave™ Software Development Kit (SDK) to implement custom studies and strategies. The primary audience of this material is individual traders, or consultants (both with a programming background, aka developers) looking to implement (and possibly distribute) custom studies and/or strategies.

The development kit is based on the Java™ programming language. While advanced knowledge of this language is not required, it is recommended that the person implementing the study or strategy have a basic background in the language before reading this document.

Developers are free to use any development environment, including the command line tools in the Java™ Development Kit. Examples provided will be with the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) available from:

This document is intended to be a guide on how to use the SDK and is not a complete programming reference. API (Application Programming Interface) documentation is available (generated using Oracle’s Javadoc tool) that explains all of the classes, interfaces and enumerations provided by the SDK.

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