Cursor Data

Cursor Data refers to the data points and their values at the current position of the mouse cursor. There are several different ways to view cursor data.

Cursor Data Window

The Cursor Data Window is a separate window that displays data at the current mouse location. This window works across all charts. This window may be opened by choosing View -> Display -> Cursor Data Window from the top menu bar. For convenience this window is always displayed on top of other windows.

Cursor Data Panel

The Cursor Data Panel is essentially the same as the Cursor Data Window except that it is a panel inside of the chart. This panel only works for the enclosing chart. To open this panel, choose View -> Cursor Data from the top menu bar.

Bar Status

Data on the selected price bar can be found in the status bar at the bottom of the window. This reflects the price bar at the position of the mouse cursor.

Hover Popup

A popup will be displayed with information about the price bar if you place the mouse cursor over a price bar and leave it there for about 2 seconds.

Cross Hair

The cross hair feature draws thin horizontal and vertical lines at the current mouse cursor location to indicate the vertical axis and time axis values.

There are several configuration options for the cross hair. These can be found under the Chart -> Options tab of the Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar).

Global Cross Hair

The Global Cross Hair provides a convenient way to locate the mouse cursor position between several different charts that are displaying the same instrument. This option can be enabled in the Preferences dialog (see previous section). In the following screen shot you will notice that the current location of the mouse cursor in one chart adjusts the cross hair location in the other charts that show the same instrument.

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