Exporting Data

Historical data may be exported from MotiveWave™ in several different formats. Choose File -> Export Data from the top menu bar (File -> Chart -> Export Data from the Console menu bar). This dialog has the following elements:

  1. Symbol – Choose the instrument that you would like to export. By default this is the instrument from the chart where the dialog was launched.

  2. Bar Size – Choose the Bar Size for the historical data

  3. Bar Count – Number of Bars to Export. Choose All Available to export all available data in the historical database

  4. Regular Trading Hours (RTH) Data – Check this to only include bars that are part of the regular trading session

  5. Data File – Click on the Browse button to the right to choose the data file where the data will be saved.

  6. Format – Choose the Export Format

    1. CSV – yyyyMMdd HHmmss,O,H,L,C,V

    2. CSV – dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss,O,H,L,C,V

    3. Ninja Trader – Start Of Bar Time

    4. Ninja Trader – End Of Bar Time

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