Importing Data

Historical data may be imported into MotiveWave™ by choosing File -> Import Data from the top menu bar (File -> Chart -> Import Data from the Console menu bar). Two types of data formats are supported:

  1. CSV – Comma Separated Values. This is a very common format for many historical data services. The format of the data file will be automatically detected when specifying files of this type.

  2. MetaStock™ Database – MetaStock™ Database files containing 1 or more instruments may be imported into MotiveWave’s historical database.

This dialog has the following elements:

  1. Data Files – Specify one or more data files by clicking on the Add button to left of the Data Files list.

  2. Time Zone – Choose the time zone for the input file. This is important for resolving the data/time values for each historical price bar in the input file.

  3. Exchange – Optionally Choose the Exchange for the instrument(s) in the input file(s).

  4. Trading Hours – If a value is chosen for Trading Hours, it will be assigned to the instrument when it is created from this dialog.

  5. Adjust for Stock Splits – If the file does not contain split adjusted values, this will detect and adjust historical prices for splits.

  6. Automatically Create Instrument (Do Not Prompt) – If the instrument does not already exist in the local database, it will be automatically created if this is checked.

  7. Replace Existing Data – Replaces data that is already in the local historical database.

  8. Monitor Input File For Changes – If checked, MotiveWave™ will monitor the timestamp on the input file to see if it changes in the future. If it does change, the new data will be automatically loaded into MotiveWave™ when a chart is loaded.

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