MotiveWave™ provides many different options for identifying time and price ratios. Fibonacci ratios are perhaps the most commonly used ratios for analysis. Available components for Fibonacci analysis can be found under the Fibonacci tab of the Components panel (not available in all editions):

The screen shot below shows an example of a Fibonacci Retracement. Yellow resize points can be used to change the position of the labels and length of the ratio lines.

MotiveWave™ provides a lot of flexibility for working with ratios. If you would like to modify the ratio properties for a particular component, right click on a ratio label and choose Ratio Settings (or just double click on the label).

The Ratio Settings option will open the Properties dialog for the component and switch to the Ratios -> Ratios tab.

Customized Ratios

For each ratio, use the check box to the left to enable/disable. The input field can be used to enter the ratio (in percent). Click on the edit button (pencil icon) to the right to specify how the ratio should be formatted.

The custom settings chosen above for this ratio will look like the following:

Ratio Display Preferences

The Display tab allows you to change how the ratios are displayed. The settings on this tab apply to all ratio labels/lines in the component (unless explicitly adjusted for each ratio, see previous section).

Ratio Presets

Ratio Presets can be very useful save a ratio configuration and apply it to another component. This can help to avoid a lot of duplicate work. Use the Save Preset button to save the current ratio configuration for later use.

When you save the preset, you will need to choose a name. Enter the name in the Save Ratio Preset dialog (see below) and click the Save button.

Right click on a ratio label and choose Ratio Preset -> <Preset Name> to quickly apply a preset to a component. In the example below, we are going to choose My Ratios that we defined above:

Global Ratio Preferences

Global ratio preferences can be configured in the Preferences dialog from the Ratios tab. This section has two sub tabs, Presets and Defaults:

The Defaults section enables you to assign the default presets to each type of ratio component. Ratio components consist of retracements, fans, circles, Elliott Waves etc.

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