Replay Mode

Replay mode is a very useful feature that enables you to go back in time and replay market data. This can be very useful to practice your trading or to test your custom studies and/or strategies. The replay mode control can be accessed from the chart menu bar: View -> Replay Mode (Note: there is also a button on the right hand side of the tool bar). When you click this menu item you will see the Replay Mode bar appear at the bottom of the chart.

Replay mode can be started by choosing a start date and pressing the power button.

Use the play, fast forward, reverse and stop buttons to step forward through the data. These buttons work as follows:

  1. Rewind – This will restart the replay mode from the beginning

  2. Play – Step forward in time by 1 tick

  3. Forward – Play ticks until the next bar is reached

  4. Fast Forward – Play ticks continuously

  5. Stop – Stop playing ticks. This is only active if forward or fast forward buttons have been clicked above.

When you are working in replay mode will work as if you are trading live back in that time frame. A special replay account is created to manage orders, positions and historical trades.

Replay Settings

Replay settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon on the right hand side of the Replay Mode bar.

Replay Data Settings:

The following settings apply to the playback of data in replay mode:

  1. Source Data – Options for source data include:

    1. Bar Data – Each bar is used to generate 4 ticks: open, high, low and close

    2. Minute Data – Minute data will be loaded from the data service to generate ticks (each minute bar will have 4 ticks: open, high, low and close

    3. Tick Data – If your broker/data service provides historical tick data, then this may be used

  2. Generate Ticks – If this is enabled MotiveWave will generate a set of ticks to (beyond OHLC) for playback. This option does not apply to the Tick Data option

  3. Step Until Price Change – If enabled it will keep playing ticks until the price changes when pressing the play button (instead of a single tick at a time).

  4. Real Delay – If this option is checked, MotiveWave will simulate the delay between ticks by using the tick timestamps. Use this if you would like to simulate the actual playback of ticks in real time

  5. Speed Factor – Applies to Real Delay option above. Allows you to speed up (or slow down) the play back of ticks in real time

  6. Tick Delay – this is the delay to add between the play of each tick.

  7. Bar Delay – this is the delay to wait between the playback of each bar.

  8. Replay Link – Use these options to link the replay mode across multiple charts.

Replay Account:

The replay account is useful if you intend to place trades in replay mode. If this is enabled, a special account will be created (see Account page in the Console) to track all orders, positions and historical trades for the replay session.

  1. Account ID – This is the name of the account ID that will track trades

  2. Base Currency – This will default to your base currency, but you can change it if you like

  3. Cash Balance – Opening cash balance when you enable replay mode

  4. Include Commissions – Check if you want trade commissions to be included in the P/L calculations.

Linking in Replay Mode

The linking feature in MotiveWave™ enables you to use replay mode across several different charts at the same time. The following steps explain how to include multiple charts in the same replay session:

  1. Select the charts that you want to include and choose the instruments and bar sizes

  2. Choose the same link color for each chart (make sure the link type is “Replay”)

  3. Edit the Replay Settings

  4. Choose the link and press the “Update” button

The following screen shot shows 4 charts that are part of the Red group and using the same replay session:

Using replay mode inside of the Console (or a Desktop) can be much more convenient when Page linking is used (default). All charts that are part of the page will be included in the replay session.

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