Working With Chart Windows

Compact Mode

Compact mode strips away the tool bar, menu bar and status bars to maximize the chart area on a chart window. Use the compact/uncompact button on the right hand side of the title bar to switch between regular and compact modes.

The screen shot below illustrates a chart window in compact mode. Notice that the chart area fills the entire window to optimize the use of screen space. Click on the uncompact button on the tool bar to return to normal mode.

The behavior of compact mode can be configured in the Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the console menu bar). This allows you to specify what elements should be displayed in Compact Mode.

Tile Windows

The Tile Windows feature is useful to arrange your charts on a single monitor without having to position the windows manually. Start by arranging the chart windows roughly where you would like to place them. Once you have done this, right click on the title bar of one of the chart windows and choose Tile Windows (alternatively, press Ctrl + W). Note: on Mac OS X choose Window -> Tile Windows from the top menu bar.

Cascade Windows

Similar to the Tile Windows feature, Cascade Windows arranges the windows that are on the screen on top of each other offset from the top left corner. Choose Window -> Cascade Windows from the top menu bar to arrange the windows in this fashion.

Window Sizes

For convenience, the window size can be set from the Window menu (Window -> Window Size -> <Size>). This can be a useful feature for taking a screen shot or video. Choose Custom to specify a size that is not one of the presets.

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