Backup and Restore

The Backup/Restore feature enables you to export settings, analyses, instruments, watch lists, scans and open windows/positions to a single backup file. This backup file can be archived to be restored later in case something happens to your computer. Alternatively, you can use this feature to transfer your workspace to another computer.

Creating a Backup

Choose File -> Backup from the Console menu bar to create a backup file. When you choose this option, you will see the Backup Workspace dialog.

When you click the Create button, a backup file will be created on your computer desktop. This backup file will be named <Workspace Name> <Date>.zip (where <Workspace Name> is the name of your workspace and <Date> is the current date/time). If you would like to change the name and location, click on the Browse button.

You can store this file in a safe place (such as Drop Box or Google Drive) or move it to another computer to restore it into an existing workspace.

Restore From Backup

Choose File -> Restore from the Console menu bar to restore from a previously created backup.

Click on the Browse button and locate the backup file that you created previously. The options available for restore are as follows:

  1. Restore Console/Windows – Restores console layout/pages and open windows from the backup file.

  2. Restore Preferences – These are the settings from the Preferences dialog.

  3. Restore Watch Lists – Watch Lists and Quote Sheets

  4. Restore Scans – Scan criteria saved from the backup

  5. Restore Strategy Analyses – Restore back test/optimization executions.

  6. Delete Existing Analyses – If you check this option, all of the existing analyses in the workspace will be deleted before importing the analyses from the backup.

Click the Restore button to begin the restore process. You will see a progress indicator that reports the status of the restore. Depending on your computer and the size of the backup, this could take up to a minute or two to complete.

Note: The file format for the backup has changed in version 5 (compressed zip format).

Restoring to a Different Workspace Service

In the typical case, the workspace service (ie broker or data service) will match the service from the backup. You can restore from a backup that was created with a different service, but you may encounter some issues. Each service has a different naming symbology for the instruments that they support and the target service may not support all of the instruments that are in the backup.

MotiveWave™ will attempt to map the symbols from the backup service to the target service. However, you may find that some analyses are missing in the new workspace if MotiveWave™ could not find a mapping.

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