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Desktops provide a convenient way to organize charts and other panels in one window. A Desktop is essentially another Console window and uses the same docking framework to layout pages.

Choose File -> New -> Desktop from the Console menu bar to create a Desktop window.

Enter a unique name for the Desktop from the New Desktop dialog and click the OK button to create.

The follow screen shot shows the default layout for a Desktop window when it is first created. The default layout includes two pages: Charts and Charts 2.

To open or manage existing Desktops, select File -> Open -> Open Desktop from the Console menu bar:

When you close a Desktop (by clicking on the ‘X’ button in the top left corner), the group is not deleted but still exists in the repository. If you want to permanently remove a Desktop, select it in the Manage Desktops dialog and click the Remove button.

Changing Desktop Layout

Since a Desktop is essentially another Console window, see the section: Changing the Default Layout for details on how to configure a custom layout.

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