Email Configuration

MotiveWave™ may be configured to send out email messages as part of alerts or signals generated by studies. You will need to configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings in the Preferences dialog to enable this feature. These settings will be found under the Email tab. Choose Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar to display the Preferences dialog.

If you are using a corporate email address, you will need to contact your network administrator to get the specific SMTP settings.

Settings for public email addresses can be found online, just do a web search. Here are some useful links for some common email providers:

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail settings can be found here:

Similar to Gmail you may need to setup an application specific password if you have to bypass the second sign-in verification:

Windows Live / Hotmail

The following link explains the Hotmail SMTP settings:

There is also a two-step verification process for Hotmail as well. For more information see:

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