Data Export Groups

Data export groups allow you to automatically or manually export chart data. This data can then be used for analysis in other applications.

Click the + icon to create an export group.

Name – Name this data export group. Data Format – Select the desired data format for export. Time Zone – Select the time zone you would like the time stamps to be in (used for intraday data). Regular Trading Hours Data – Select this to export RTH data only. Auto Export – Enable this to automatically export this group at your selected time interval. Note, you will need to restart MotiveWave for the Auto Export function to begin. Export Directory – Click Browse to select the folder/directory you would like this data stored.

Click the + icon to add an instrument, from this dialog you can search for an instrument, select the bar size, the amount of data and the filename of the CSV file. You are also able to export multiple bar sizes for each instrument.

Click Export Now to manually export the data group. Click OK once you are finished adding instruments to this export group. Please note that any subsequent manual or automatic exported data group will be appended to the original CSV file.

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