Commissions can be calculated by MotiveWave™ using the simulated account, in replay mode or as part of Strategy Back Testing. If you would like to include commissions, these can be configured from the Commissions dialog (Configure -> Commissions from the Console menu bar).

  1. Base Cost – This is the base cost of a trade. Some brokers offer flat rates for commissions. If this is the case, just enter the cost here.

  2. Unit Cost – Some brokers charge based on the number of units (ie quantity) that are part of an order (ie shares, contracts etc).

  3. Unit Size – If a unit cost has been specified this is the lot size.

The above dialog enables you to define a commission structure that applies to each type of instrument. Some instruments may have their own specific commission structure. If this is the case, you can override this from the Instrument dialog (right click on the chart and choose Edit Instrument, click on the Commissions tab).

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