Simulated Account

For convenience, MotiveWave™ has a built in simulated account that you can use to practice your trading. If you chose a data service for your workspace, then this account will be enabled by default. If you are using a broker, it is recommended that you use a demo account if provided by your broker instead. Broker demo accounts will provide a better simulation of their trading environment and supported order types and behaviors.

The simulated account can be configured from the Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar). Click on the General tab then on the Simulated Account tab. This panel has the following fields:

  1. Enabled – Check this box to enable or disable this account

  2. Base Currency – Base currency for the account

  3. Case Balance – Initial Cash Balance

  4. Fill Immediate – If checked market orders will be filled immediately at the current bid/ask value instead of waiting for the next trade

  5. Include Commission – If checked, commissions will be included when placing trades.

  6. Reset Account – Click this button to reset the account back to the initial cash balance.

If you have the simulated account enabled, you will see an entry in the Accounts panel for this account. The account id will be ‘Simulated’.

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